Even though the Town Council meeting was off one day due to the Labor Day holiday, the Town of Crossville had good attendance at their monthly gathering to discuss Town business.

Mayor Vicky C. Stone called the meeting to order, then the Pledge of Allegiance was lead by council member Beverly Robinson. The Pledge was followed by a short invocation.

The Council unanimously approved the minutes from the last two meetings, and there was no old business.

New business:

  • An annual appropriation was given to the Crossville High School Band to use as needed.
  • The council discussed the purchase of a new John Deere 5085E Cab Tractor & Land Pride RC5610 Rotary Cutter for the street department from Snead Ag. Council member Robinson brought up the possibility of renting a tractor to complete the few months left of mowing instead of purchasing a new one in this fiscal year. The tractor was passed unanimously for purchase as the need was seen as urgent.
  • A landscaping contract was held off until next month to have someone redo the flowers and other landscaping for the Town of Crossville.

Department reports:

  • Police – The department had 73 calls around the county to assist with issues. They will be looking into purchasing new vehicle cameras for the Tahoes. Mayor Stone commended the department for the police’s involvement in the tragedies that occured this month.
  • Public Works – Only the tractor discussion fell under this department’s jurisdiction.
  • Fire – Breast Cancer Awareness shirts will be coming in this Friday, and will be on sale during football games for ten dollars.
  • Recreation – There was discussion about the installation of a basketball court. The location is undetermined at this time.
  • Finance – No new business other than the report that revenue was up from the last meeting.

The next Town Council meeting will be October 3, 2016 at 6:30 P.M.

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