City Council Meeting – June 6, 2016

City Council Meeting – June 6, 2016

Crossville, AL – Mayor Vicky Stone began the city council meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and a word of prayer. The first item on the agenda was the swearing in of the new councillor, Brad Hood. He was unanimously confirmed by the council’s vote.IMG_0058

The council was approached and interacted with auditors from MDA Professional Group, P.C. who reported a clean opinion on the financial reports of the 2014-2015 year. “It seems everyone has the best for the town at heart,” said the auditor.

There was no old business, but new business featured several upcoming projects. New business began with a move to surplus a Kabutoa Lawnmower and a Shop roll up door that was confirmed unanimously. The council also approved a land lease from Roger Monroe and a stage lease for the upcoming Stars and Stripes Celebration for $1,750.

An update on the community center was given by councilwoman Tera Fortenberry, but any kind of approval was tabled until the work session on June 20. The community center needs a lot of renovation and it involves “moving walls and the stage for multiple events”, said Fortenberry. It was also recommended that one of the bathrooms become handicap accessible.

Mayor Vicky Stone took the floor for the meeting’s mayoral comments which included a motion to redo the floors of the police station and replace the window’s for the police department and one side of Town Hall. She also announced that 225 people came to the opening day of the Crossville Pool. There was also unanimous support and approval for the Stars and Stripes Celebration budget.

We look forward to the Work Session on June 20. Thank you.

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